Thursday, 07 December 2023
Traditional Polish Bio-Pierogi (dumplings)
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Pierogi – dumplings – a dish from Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, apocket of dough stuffed with savoury or sweet filling.

Similar to pierogi are Russian pelmeni and Ukrainian varenyky. There are ravioli and tortellini in Italy, and in China they are known as w on ton, guo tie and jiaozi. In Germany, Maultaschen are served as rectangular shaped dumplings filled with meat or vegetables.

For years Pierogi are a Polish specialty. In the past they were served only during special holidays. Each holiday had its own pierogi type with different shape and filling.

There are many different pierogi fillings. Today the most popular are meat, sauerkraut with mushrooms, buckwheat groats, or potatoes with curd (fresh white cheese) and onion, so called the “Russian pierogi”. Traditionally, they are served with fried onions and/or bacon.

Well known and tasty are also pierogi with sweet fillings: white fresh cheese or fruit such as blueberries, strawberries, cherries and apples. These pierogi are served with melted butter or cream and sugar.

We are the first polish producer of Bio-Pierogi. Our Bio-Pierogi are made with certified organic ingredients according to traditional recipes. Whether boiled, baked or fried, they are always a delicious treat.

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